About Us

Alpha International Life Assurance Company (Guernsey) Ltd (AILAC) is wholly owned byNorthstar Group (Bermuda) Limited.

Northstar was founded in 2001 and is an insurance holding company for Alpha Growthplc ("Alpha") - incorporated and registered in England and Wales under number09734404 - Alpha is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:ALGW). Alpha Growthacquired Northstar in March 2021 and currently manages ~$700m of life insurancelinked longevity assets and offers a range of insurance linked wealth managementproducts and services to institutions, ultra-high net worth individuals and family offices.Alpha Growth has two primary business divisions - these are Longevity Asset basedFunds and a Life Insurance Division. Further details are available on the Company'swebsite (https://algwplc.com/ ).

Northstar has made three acquisitions since 2019 and consolidated into two operatingentities in Bermuda and Guernsey. These entities are Providence Life AssuranceCompany (Bermuda) Ltd. ("PLAC") and Alpha International Life Assurance Company(Guernsey) Ltd. In 2019, Northstar acquired Pramerica Life Assurance Company ofBermuda, Ltd. from Prudential Financial and renamed Providence Life AssuranceCompany (Bermuda) Ltd. In November 2020, PLAC acquired Delaware Life and AnnuityInsurance Company, Ltd. by way of a forward merger. In November 2022, Northstaracquired Old Mutual International (Guernsey) Ltd. and renamed Alpha International LifeAssurance Company (Guernsey) Ltd.

The primary business of PLAC, a Class C insurer and 953(d) US tax electing entity, isproviding customized life insurance products, private placement life (PPLI) and annuities(PPVA) to ultra-high net worth individuals to serve their financial planning needs and isregulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. For further information on PLAC, PPLIand PPVA policies details are available on PLAC's website (https://providencelifeassurance.com ).

Alpha International Life Assurance Company (Guernsey) Ltd offers long-term lifeinsurance linked savings accounts and portfolio bond type life policies to policyholdersworldwide.

The Directors of AILAC are:

Gobind Sahney, Executive Chairman
Dan Gray, Non Executive Director
Jason Sutherland, Executive Director
Lynne Martel, Non Executive Guernsey Director
Gary Tansell, Non Executive Guernsey Director